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We help you mitigate against, prepare for, respond
to, and recover from emergencies. Be it a natural or
human caused incident, we help you through minor
disruptions and major crises. We help protect
single businesses and business communities
whether the incident is accidental or intentional.

Our professionals focus on developing groups into
self-organizing teams — safe, connected, resilient
networks — capable of counteracting a full range of

From Minneapolis, we can provide one or two
professionals locally or assemble a network of
professionals across the globe. Our professionals
are independent consultants and independent
service providers, which means you're contributing
to local business when you use our services.
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Counter-Crisis Services
protecting and advancing business
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Request access if you would like up-to-date resources
for improving safety and security in your community.
Just knowing who to contact before, during, or after a crisis is a big step toward preparedness.